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We have a highly experienced and diverse team of cardiologists handling all cardiac procedures and patients. Our hospital’s non-invasive cardiology department undertakes advanced diagnostic procedures that are equivalent to those laid out by the American Heart Association (AHA).

The equipment in the cardiology department includes- treadmill machines, color doppler echocardiography machines, holter monitoring systems, blood pressure monitoring equipment and a pulmonary function test laboratory. With the availability of all the necessary equipment, we ensure that an individual gets a clear idea of the diagnosis under one roof.

Our cardiology department is fully loaded in terms of the latest and state of the art equipment. We want to ensure that every individual gets a holistic idea of any checkup he/she undergoes in our hospital and accordingly the preventive and curative measures are taken.

Other departments within the field of cardiology include- Critical Care, Catheterization Laboratory and Cardiothoracic Surgery.

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Patiala Heart Institute
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Patiala Heart Institute
Phone: 0175-2308030-31
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