Sunday, March 24, 2019

Chairman’s Message

“I am pleased to introduce to you the world of Patiala Heart Institute. Being one of the first DMs (Cardiology) in Punjab and the torchbearer of the Cardiology department in the Government Medical College, Patiala, I realized that North India lacked in terms of cardiac services. Over the years, the dream of having a state-of- the-art hospital catering to all cardiac problems turned into a reality.

Our institution’s constant mission has been to provide quality healthcare at affordable rates. In order to fulfill our mission and objectives, we make a constant effort to reinvest in the hospital for improving our quality of service and infrastructure because we at Patiala Heart Institute believe that no matter what, there is always room for improvement. As a result, our team strives for continuous growth, thereby making an individual’s stay in our hospital comfortable, short and of the highest quality.

We constantly reimagine, rethink and reinvent everything we do and how we do it in order to remain relevant. Every day I ask myself the same question- “What are the stumbling blocks or challenges that could get in the way of our hospital achieving its full potential?” This keeps me and my valuable team motivated to keep improving our services over time. Our team at Patiala Heart Institute is not only comprised of doctors and medical staff but also re-inventors that continually provide value to our patients in any way possible.

For me, a good hospital is one that assures something of value to its patients, thereby making it worth their while. If you have any suggestions as to how our team at Patiala Heart Institute could make your experience at our hospital any better, Email us at:

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Patiala Heart Institute
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Patiala Heart Institute
Phone: 0175-2308030-31
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