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Founded in 2000, Patiala Heart Institute is a premier healthcare provider in the region of Punjab. The hospital is managed by professionals on strict medical morals and ethics. Staying with the consistent developments in the field of healthcare, the hospital is equipped with ultra-modern and state of the art facilities for comprehensive medical care, right from the Out Patient Department (OPD) consultation and routine health checkups to intensive care and specialized cardiac surgery. The key facets that have contributed to the hospital’s growth over the years are its facilities, dedicated team of doctors and above all, personalized patient care.

In 2000, Patiala Heart Institute became the first exclusive hospital to offer complete cardiac care in the region of Patiala. The hospital maintains global health standards by having round the clock cardiologists, intensivist, interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. In today’s day and age, healthcare costs have sky rocketed but Patiala Heart Institute has stuck to its mission of providing affordable healthcare to all, thereby catering to all sections of the society.

Furthermore, the hospital has got a policy to use every opportunity to spread the message of prevention of global killers- non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and so on.

In addition, based on the increased patient inflow, the hospital is in an expansion phase and will be adding more beds and medical specialties to its current healthcare facility. The hospital continuously strives to redefine healthcare in the state and its results speak for its commitment and devotion towards high standards of patient care.

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Patiala Heart Institute
2, Jagdish Marg,
Phone: 0175-2308030-31

Patiala Heart Institute
Phone: 0175-2308030-31
Ambulance: 8195881234

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