Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mission & Vision


For us a patient is first a human being and our approach is centered on this concept. At Patiala Heart Institute we deliver quality healthcare services and facilities to the community at affordable rates. We provide innovative, ethical and accessible medical care to promote wellness and restore health as swiftly, securely and humanely as it can be done. We focus on our patients as individuals and provide each patient an experience customized to his/her healthcare needs and requirements.

Furthermore, the hospital has got a policy to use every opportunity to spread the message of prevention of global killers- non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and so on.


To deliver next generation medical facilities at affordable rates.

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Patiala Heart Institute
2, Jagdish Marg,
Phone: 0175-2308030-31

Patiala Heart Institute
Phone: 0175-2308030-31
Ambulance: 8195881234

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